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ls - list directory contents  $ ls
file1  sub_dir1
who am i – this command identifies the invoking user and list the username, terminal line ,date and time of login  $ who am i
anuj     pts/1        2015-01-03 17:10 (:0)
who - (show who is logged on) this is more powerful than who am i . It displays the  data about all the users that have logged into the system . It is crucial for multi-user operating system
 $ who
anuj     tty7         2015-01-03 16:31 (:0) anuj     pts/1        2015-01-03 17:10 (:0)
pwd     print name of current/working directory  $ pwd
mkdir    make directoriesrmdir remove empty directories
 $ mkdir dir3  $ ls dir3  file1  sub_dir1  $ rmdir dir3  $ ls file1  sub_dir1  $ rmdir sub_dir1 rmdir: failed to remove `sub_dir1': Directory not empty
cd change directory  $ cd sub_dir1  /sub_dir1$
man - an interface to the on-line reference manuals . man is the system's manual pager.